Get Started Using Stravalib#

Install stravalib#

The package is available on PyPI to be installed using pip.

$ pip install stravalib

Using Stravalib#

In order to make use of this library, you will need to have access keys for one or more Strava users. This is a nice tutorial that has information about setting up a free app within STRAVA. These access keys can be fetched by using helper methods provided by the Client class. See auth for more details.

Stravalib get started tutorials#

Authenticate with STRAVA

To begin using stravalib you will need to first authenticate with a Strava application connected to your account or one that you have access to. Learn how to do that here.

Work with STRAVA activity data

Once you have authenticated, you can begin to access your data on STRAVA. Here ou will learn how to work with activity data.

Work with STRAVA athlete / social data

The API also gives you access to your athlete account information including friends, followers and more. Learn how to work with that data here.