Welcome to the Stravalib Documentation!#

stravalib is a open source Python package that makes it easier for you to authenticate with the Strava v3 REST API, and access your STRAVA data using the Python programming language.

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Package Code (API) Documentation

Documentation for every method and class available to you in the stravalib package.

About the stravalib Python package#

stravalib is a Python library for interacting with version 3 of the Strava API. Our goal is to expose the entire user-facing Strava V3 API.

The stravalib Python package provides easy-to-use tools for accessing and downloading Strava data from the Strava V3 web service. Stravalib provides a Client class that supports:

  • Authenticating with stravalib

  • Accessing and downloading strava activity, club and profile data

  • Making changes to account activities

It also provides support for working with date/time/temporal attributes and quantities through the Python Pint library.

Why use stravalib?#

There are numerous reasons to use stravalib in your workflows:

  • Stravalib returns your data in structured Python dictionaries with associated data types that make it easier to work with the data in Python.

  • Relationships can be traversed on model objects to pull in related content “seamlessly”.

  • dates, times and durations are imported as Python objects making it easier to convert and work with this data.

  • Stravalib provides built-in support for rate-limiting

  • and more intelligent error handling.